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All our postgraduate academic programmes are suitable for international students.

The modern agricultural sector faces the challenges of producing high-quality food and natural fibres in a sustainable and cost-effective manner whilst making meaningful contributions to rural and economic development. These challenges are influenced by a diverse topography and soil types, a variable climate, limited water resources, and adherence to environmental legislation and regulations, as well as stringent production and export requirements for overseas exports. Global supply and demand conditions have presented exciting opportunities to the sector that place significant demands on its human, technological and intellectual capital resources.

It is to this need that the Faculty of AgriSciences wishes to respond and contribute, together with its valued partners in the public and private sector. Our academic research expertise and study programmes are aligned with the dynamic needs of the industry and the concomitant scientific advances that are required in plant production, animal sciences and natural resource management.

The Faculty consists of eleven modern, internationally recognised departments with highly qualified staff who are dedicated to teaching, scientific advancement, industry collaboration and community service. In addition to many well-equipped laboratories, the Faculty also has two experimental farms where practical training and applied research are conducted. The Faculty’s integrated multidisciplinary approach, our innovative research outputs, our scientific achievements and our problem-focussed research and development activities ensure the continued relevance of our research programmes and our graduates.

The Faculty also offers two Interdisciplinary Masters:
Masters in Food and Nutrition that is offered together with the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.
Masters in Sustainable Agriculture that is offered within the Faculty of AgriSciences in various departments.

We strive to make science work for the benefit of humanity and the environment.
You can be part of this community!

Faculty Administrator: Mr Erik van Zyl

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