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Student Case Study Competition at Agbiz Congress 2024

In June 2024, Marco Appel had an opportunity to participate in the Sun City AgBiz student case competition. Held in Sun City, this prestigious event brought together students from various universities to tackle real-world agricultural business challenges. The competition featured a case study regarding the South African Wine Industry. The topic of the case study was: “The Vine's Winding Path: Navigating Change in the South African Wine Industry.” The focus of the case study was to present the CEO of SA Wine, Rico Basson, a strategy that would strengthen the brand identity of South African Wine and support the wine industry.

Competing for a spot in the final round and delivering a presentation in front of the entire congress, the competition was intellectually challenging and competitive, involving four teams of four students each. The teams were given six hours to prepare a 20-minute presentation regarding their own unique business strategy. Each team member brought unique skills to the table, from market analysis to financial modeling, and their collaboration was key to their success. The preparation for the presentations was stressful and challenging, especially when working outside their comfort zones and collaborating with different students who had their own ideas and ways of doing things.

Their presentation focused on enhancing the South African wine industry's market share and customer trust through strategic marketing and the adoption of blockchain technology. It outlined objectives such as optimizing supply chain efficiency, gaining a competitive advantage, and leveraging data-driven marketing to boost sales and revenue. Key initiatives included expanding into major foreign markets, utilizing algorithms for targeted marketing, and engaging consumers through social media and influencers.

Their hard work paid off when they were awarded first place in the competition. This achievement was a testament to their dedication and teamwork. Marco gained a deeper understanding of the South African Wine Industry and honed his problem-solving skills. This opportunity gave him the ability to network with business owners, industry role players, and other students. He is excited to apply the skills and knowledge gained from this experience to his future endeavors. Marco extends his heartfelt thanks to AgBiz, who gave students the platform to showcase their talents. He highly encourages other students to participate in similar competitions, as they offer unparalleled learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

Article and photos supplied by: Marco Appel

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