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Dr Keanu Martin Named Africa's Early Career Representative on Prestigious International Horticultural Committee

Dr. Keanu Martin is honored to serve as Africa's early career representative on the inaugural International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) Young Minds Committee (2022-2026). This prestigious group consists of 12 selected members from around the globe. In his role, Dr Martin is dedicated to achieving the committee's ambitious goals aimed at fostering the development of the next generation of horticulturists.

These objectives include establishing a hub filled with opportunities for training, mentorship, internships, and exchanges to enhance professional growth and strengthen connections. He is also involved in organising year-round activities such as webinars, deep-dive meetings, networking events, and mentorship programs that facilitate meaningful interactions with industry partners and explore potential career pathways.

Additionally, Dr Martin plays a pivotal role in enriching the experience of participants at large symposia and congresses by organising social events and promoting engagement in ISHS through incentives like awards, special recognitions for best papers and presentations, and opportunities for publication in Chronica Horticulturae. His commitment is to lay a robust foundation that will inspire and empower young minds in horticulture for years to come.

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